DC 60V 3000W BM1412 brushless motor, electric bicycle kit, DIY E-Tricycle For Medium And Heavy Load E-Tricycle ebike

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"Specifications of Tricycle Brushless DC Motor :

Excellent universal 60VBrushless motor, suitable for bikes, scooters, buggies, karts ,tricycle ,four wheeled vehicle and more!
In reality, it can be used for a variety of different applications!
It is supplied with a bi-directional Speed Controller so you are able to easily connect it and have it ready to go out of the box!

Note that you will need a hall effect throttle to hook up to the controller.

Model: BM1424ZXF.
Rated Output Power -3000W.
Rated Voltage - 60V DC.
Speed after Reduction - 570 RPM.
Rated Speed - 2850 RPM.
Gear Ratio - 1:5.
Full Load Current - 46/38A.
No Load Current - 6.50/6.0A.
Rated Torque - 49 N.m.
Application - Medium & Heavy Load size E-Tricycle.
Load weight: around 2000KG. "