DC-DC 5V to 3.3V 9V 12V 24V USB Buck Boost Power Supply Voltage Regulator Module Desktop Power Module

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This is an instrument with integrated buck-boost power supply module and multi-function voltage ammeter.
In ?PER? work mode, it can be used as a buck-boost power supply module. It can convert to DC 3.5V~12V to DC 1.2V~24V and power is about 2W~3W.
In ?VAH? work mode, it can be used as multi-function voltage ammeter. It can be used to measure voltage, current, power, battery capacity, discharging time.
It is very suitable for technical engineers to develop, debug instrumentation, after-sales engineers travel maintenance, etc.

1. Product name: XY-LUP Boost Buck Converter Voltmeter Ammeter.
2. Model: XY-LUP.
3. Work Voltage: DC 3.5V-12V.
4. Output Voltage:DC 1.2V-24V.
5. Output Power:3W(MAX).
Maximum output power within 2W when output DC 1.2V~2V.
Maximum output power within 3W when output DC 2V~20V.
Maximum output power within 2.5W when output DC 20V~24V.
6. Output voltage accuracy:+/-0.5%
7. Output voltage accuracy:+/-1%
8. Measure voltage range: DC 0~35V
9. Measure current range:0~3A
10. Measure power range:0~110W
11. Measure battery capacity range:0~9999Ah
12. Discharging time:0~100hours
13. Work Temperature:-40?~85?.
14. Work Humidity:0%~95%RH.
15. Size:77*33*16mm.

Product Includes:-
1 x Boost Buck Converter Voltmeter Ammeter

  • Dual operating system
  • Support power supply output function
  • Support test power supply function
  • Support over power protection
  • LCD high definition display