DC-DC 600W 10-60V to 12-80V Boost Converter Step-up Module Power Supply

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600W high-power booster module, wide voltage input: 12V to 60V, 12V to 80V adjustable the width voltage output;output current can be adjusted; ultra-low dropout voltage.

Detailed parameters:

Input voltage: 12V-60V
Input Current: Maximum input current 15A
Output voltage: 12V-80V continuously adjustable
Output Current: Maximum output current 10A
Output Power: P = effective power input voltage V * 10A
Note: this point to note, our nominal 600W maximum power of the module under certain conditions, in the case ofdifferent input voltage, maximum output power by the input maximum current limit decline. For instance, at
The input voltage is 12V: maximum output power P = 12V * 10A = 120W
The input voltage is 24V: maximum output power P = 24V * 10A = 240W
The input voltage to 60 V: maximum output power P = 60V * 10A = 600W
Conversion efficiency: Up to 95% (input voltage, current; affect the output voltage, current conversion efficiency)
Short circuit protection: fuse
Installation size: 73 * 51mm