DC PWM Motor Speed Controller 12V 24V 36V 15A Over-current Protector Over-load Locked-rotor Protector CCMCP

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Omg the fuse is blown again. ..The fuse need to be replaced again... The motor is burned out, what the hell the fuse exist for? Are you still mad with these problems? Honestly speaking, if the fuse is easy to be blown, you have to replace the fuses quite often, but if the fuse is strong, the motor may still be damaged. It seems that ordinary fuses do not work well enough. Now this problem can be solved with our new technology and products.
This ccmcp dc motor speed controller incorporates adjustable over current protector. You can set the value of over current protection from 1amp to 10 amp freely. And this product is upgraded based on previous edition, so it shows best performance nearly in all aspects, including the material we use, the function, appearance etc.
New design,
Incorporating adjustable over-current protector and it can be set from 1amp to 10 amp easily and freely the positive and negative pole of motor can be connected one way or another.
Exchange the pole when the rotation direction is not as expected regulating the potentiometer can change the value of over current protection, with factory default minimum 1a the potentiometer wire is 40cm(15.7'')long with 11 cores suitable for motors of 12v, power less than 120 watt or 24v, power less than 200 watt

Resistance: 100k wire length: 40cm
Voltage range: Dc10v~40v(dc12~36v suggested)
Power: 12v x 10a=120w, 24v x 10a=200w,36v x 10a=360w
Current: 10a(rated), 15a(max.)
Adjustable from 1a to 10a speed adjustable range: 0-100 percent
Pwm frequency: 21khz
Size: 85.5 mm x 54 mm x 27 mm / 3.36 x 2.12 x 1.06"

Product Includes:-
1 x motor speed controller.

  • PWM Frequency: 21kHz
  • Speed Adjustable Range: 0-100%
  • Current: 10A(rated), 15A(Max.), adjustable from 1A to 10A
  • Power: 12V*10A=120W;24V*10A=200W,.....36V*10A=360W
  • Voltage Range: DC10V~40V(DC12~36V suggested)