Delay Timer Switch Adjustable 0-10sec With NE555 Electrical Input 12V 10A

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Description :

Timing from Microseconds to HOURS.
Simple Circuitry.
Precision Pulse Generation / Timing,
FMAX = 500 KHz.
Use a single 4 to 16 VDC supply.
Excellent temperature stability 0.005% / °C.
Adjustable Duty Cycle.
Countless Application and Information Sources.

Chip (NE555) Characteristic :
When unconnected with the supply power, the state of the module is "NO" [ normal open ], CB and COM are conductive. CK and COM are unconductive.

When connected with the supply power, delay for 0-10s, the module will in the state of "NC" [ normal closed ], CB and COM are unconductive, CK and COM is conductive.

Specification :
Module Properties : NE555 chip.
Dimension : 77 (L) x 23 (W) x 18 (H) mm (with potentiometer).
Input voltage : DC12V.
Adjustable time : 0 to 10sec.
Control voltage : AC 0~250V / max. 10A, DC 0~30V / max. 10A.
Max. loading : 2200W.