DIY 3DOF 3-Axis Control Palletizing Robot Arm Model with Servo Arm Plate (not including MG995 servo)

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DIY 3-Axis Control Palletizing Robot Arm Model With Servos And Servo Arm Plate For Arduino UNO MEGA2560 Smart Robot Car.

1. 3-DOF manipulator! Vertical arm up and down, back and forth.
2. U-type robot waist bracket on the arm can be mounted directly on the base in the car or any other desktop platform.
3. The vehicle type 3-DOF manipulator medium length, back and forth up and down, in which a mechanical claw opening and closing of the steering gear control, two servo control arm up and down back and forth.
4. This robot is particularly suitable as a vehicle manipulator robot car, grab the ball, catch the car are particularly good, very suitable for their own DIY or robotic smart car racing.
5. Activities can use 180 degree steering joints.

Mechanical parameters :
1. Turning radius: 240mm.
2. Height: 290mm (gripper closed).
3. Front clamp maximum opening: 55mm.
4. Needs 3 Metal rudder.

Items included:
1. 2 x Multi-functional servo bracket.
2. 1x Long U-type servo bracket.
3. 1 x L-type servo bracket.
4. 1 x U-type robot waist bracket.
5. 1 x Aluminium Clamp Claw.
6. 3 x Metal Servo Arm plate.
7. 1 x Miniature Ball Radial Bearing.
8. 1 x Screw and screw cap set.
(Not assembled, just a kit)