DIY 55Pcs/lot Colorful Plastic Motor Gear Kit

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This Colorful Plastic Motor Gear Assorted Kit doesn?t just include gears and pulley, there are also propellers! This motor accessory pack includes a variety of smaller gears with different shaft mounting types, pulley, and elastics to create elaborate pulley systems and wind-up drives. These can then be used to drive the included propellers to create all sorts of interesting projects!
The Gear Package includes different types of spindle, single/double crown gear, pulley, rack, bevel gear, copper gear, bushings, axles, tires, rubber bands, and so on, more accessories that you need for DIY toy cars/robots/motors. The gears and pulleys are for use with most small hobby motors and our 2mm and 3mm shafts.
Multi-uses, you can use it to fix the toys, Great for DIY science and small production, product design, and mechanical model.
Processing: Hobbing
55 Pcs Plastic Gears
Multipurpose gears and Pulley
Four different types of propellers
Rubber band
2mm and 3mm shafts
Colorful kit
Package Includes:
1 x Colorful Plastic Motor Gear Assorted Kit ? 55Pcs
Material: Plastic

  • Used for making Hobby Robots.
  • Used in hobby kits.
  • Easy to handle.
  • For educational purpose.