DJI 2212 920KV Brushless DC Motor for Drone with Black Cap (CW Motor Rotation)

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This motor provides a Motor kV of 920 and gives a thrust of 500 gm.
Highest standards for optimal performance and reliability.
Note: Please avoid take-off and landing in Dirt (Or loose soil, Dirt gets inside motors and spoils them
Clean the motors with a hair drier OR blower after 4-5 flights to get the extended life
Stable Performance
The design of the 2212 920KV is capable of withstanding competitional conditions.
Comes in a compact size
Offers great performance and value for money
This motor offers 0.5 kg of thrust

Model: 2212
Motor KV (RPM/V): 920
Maximum Thrust (gm): 500
Compatible LiPO Batteries: 3S ~ 4S
Shaft Diameter (mm): 6
Rated Voltage (V): 7 ~ 12
Required ESC (A): 30
Length (mm): 28
Width (mm): 28
Height (mm): 46
Weight (gm): 60

Package Includes:-
1x 2212 920KV Brushless Motor for DJI
1x Black Cap

  • Motor KV: 920 RPM/V.
  • Motor Rotation: CW.
  • Thrust: Around 0.5 kg
  • LiPO Batteries: 3S-4S
  • ESC: 30 A