DPS3003 Constant Voltage current Step-down Programmable Power Supply module buck Voltage converter color LCD voltmeter

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DPS3003 programmable power supply 0-32V / 3A DC-DC Step-down constant voltage constant current power supply LCD Display.

General Information -

The constant voltage and constant current programmable control power supply module put the collection of analog integration and digital control functions in one. Its adjustable output voltage range is 0-32.00V, step by 0.01V. Its adjustable output current range is 0-3.000A, step by 0.001A. This module has power-down stored function and can store 10 groups preset value. And it also has the function of extracting quickly two groups stored value. Compared with the traditional analog power supply, it is more convenient to quickly extract the voltage or current required. LCD display on the module has the function digital voltmeter and ammeter. You can view the preset voltage, input voltage, output voltage, the preset current, output current, output power, etc. on the output state remind area, you can see that output opens or not, the state of constant voltage and constant current, output is normal or not, the key is locked or not, and the current data groups that is being used. On the setting data interface, you can adjust overvoltage value, overcurrent value, over-power value, data set and LCD brightness. This module has many advantages, small size, advanced function, good visual effect, high operability, high-precision, being used independently, being inset into the device and been widely applied.

Technical parameters -

Input voltage range: 6.00-40.00V.
Output voltage range: 0V-32.00V.
Output current: 0-3.000A.
Output power range: 0-96W.
Product Weight: about 90g.
Product Dimension: 79*43*41(mm) (L*W*H).
Open size: 71mm*39mm.
Output voltage resolution: 0.01V.
Output current resolution: 0.001A.
Output Voltage accuracy: ± (0.5% + 1 digits).
Output Current accuracy: ± (0.5% + 2 digit).

NOTE: You must make sure that the input voltage is 1.1 times higher than output voltage. Under large current circumstances, pay attention to heat elimination.

Connection description -
IN+: Input positive.
IN-: Input negative.
OUT+: Output positive.
OUT-: Output negative.

Note: Input voltage range is DC 6-40V and 40v is the limit voltage; please leave a room to use. Or else it will be burnt. The input must be DC power supply, not AC 220V, or else it will be burnt too. Though this module has reverse connection protection and output short circuit protection, you can muse be in strict accordance with connection description to connect. If you connect the supply power with output, the module will be burnt.

Panel description -

1-Voltage setting/Page up to choose/Shortcut extract M1 data group.
2-Data setting/ Extract value of the specified data group/Store value into the specified data group.
3-Current setting/Page Down to choose/Shortcut extract M2 data group.
4-1.44 inch color LCD screen.
5-Coding potentiometer/Data adjustment/Lock all buttons.
6-Open or close output.

Display interface description -
7-The preset value of output voltage.
8- The actual value of output voltage.
9-The actual value of output current.
10-The actual value of output power.
11-The actual value of input voltage.
12-The preset value of output current.
13-Key lock or unlock prompt.
14-Output normal or not prompt.
15-Constant voltage and constant current status prompt.
16-Data set prompt.
17-Open or close output prompt.
18-Preset output voltage.
19-Preset output current.
20-Preset over- voltage.
21-Preset over-current.
22-Preset over-power.
23-Preset screen brightness.
24-Preset data set.
25-The actual value of output voltage and output current.