Dual Axis XY Joystick PS2 game joystick sensor module

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This module combines two potentiometers and a pushbutton switch into a solid mechanical package with an ergonomic thumb dome. Perfect for controlling motors, servos, etc.
The potentiometers track the position of the joystick in two dimensions and the button responds to downward pressure. Springs pull the joystick back to the center position.
This joystick provides a smooth, fluid motion, strong click reply and a straight forward interface.
There are 5 pins on the board: VCC, GND, X, Y and Button. Connect the module using 5V power supply with VCC and GND. The joystick status can be read from the X,Y and utton pins.
When using the 5V power supply, the default analogue output for X,Y is 2.5V. With the direction of the arrow, the voltage goes up to 5V and the opposite direction it goes down to 0V.
This module uses a 5V power supply. The PS2 set the two-channel analog output module and one channel of the digital output, the output value respectively corresponding to (X, Y) axis offset, its type is analog; button indicates whether the user pressed in the Z-axis, its type digital switching amount. Module integrated power indicators which show the working status. Applicable on the Arduino sensor expansion board plug.
Dimensions: 1.57 in x 1.02 in x 1.26 in (4.0 cm x 2.6 cm x 3.2 cm)
+ 5V
B button to receive a digital IO ports
X X-axis offset, the use of analog IO port read out
Y Y-axis offset, the use of analog IO port read out