Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A Mobile Power Bank Battery Charger

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Note: Please allow at least 2 charge / discharge cycle to measure the correct capacity of battery by micro chip for accurate display this is the mobile power module accessories, 18650 circuit board shell. Meet the individual needs of your diy, but you must understand basic electronic assembly. Features: Motherboard comes with protection function: Charging overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection. Intelligent output device after charging full, automatically stop charging, to prevent mobile phones overcharge. Output voltage and current stable, will not harm user devices. Installation instructions: The circuit board is connected to the battery negative b-, b + is the positive, do not connecting reversed, connecting reversed will burn the board, the battery is connected in parallel welding, assembling battery. Note that the insulation between the battery and the circuit board, battery lead not to touch the circuit board, so as not to cause a short circuit. Specifications: Micro usb input: 5v 1a usb output: 5v 2.1a / 5v 1a(dual usb interface) charging display: Intelligent digital display batteries type: Liquid lithium-ion batteries (18650) product size: 57mm x 28mm screen size:27mm x 17mm package included: 1x mobile power bank 18650 battery charger pcb.