E27 PIR Infrared Motion Sensor LED Light Lamp Holder Control Switch

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Material: plastic and metal.
Voltage: AC 170-250V, 50/60Hz.
Load power: 3-80W.
Sensing range: 5-8M 110°.
Sensitivity: 5LUX.
Delay time: 15~30seconds.
Power consumption idling: ≤0.1W.
Load characteristic: energy saving lamp, LED.

1.Infrared Sensor Automatic Lighting Control Switch with lamp holder; convenient, safe & practical.
2.Good solution for energy saving.
3.You can conveniently to let the light auto on/off .The switch can detect human body's infrared , and use infrared to control the load.
4.Easy to install.
5.Strong anti-interference ability.
6.Suitable for corridor, toilet, basement and other places of automatic lighting.

Package included:
1x Infrared Switch.
2x Screw.
2x Cover. "