Eklektik Raspberry Pi Pico Ultimate Kit with Manual | Raspberry Pi Pico Starter Kit for Beginners | All New Raspberry Pi Pico with DHT11 Sensors, 5V Relay, Gas Sensor, Soil Sensor

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This Raspberry Pi Pico Ultimate kit is very useful and helpful for kids who are interested in getting started with technology.
Along with the Raspberry Pi Pico kit components, you will also get a manual that includes 10 experiments and step by step guide to them.
Pico Ultimate Kit Manual Experiment List
Controlling an RGB LED: This experiment shows how to control a simple RGB LED with Pico
Controlling a Relay: This experiment shows how to control a simple Relay with Pico
Automated Plant Watering System: With this user can make an automatic plant watering system using the Raspberry Pi Pico
Rain Detector: With this user can make a basic rain monitoring system with a rain sensor
Smoke Detector: With this user can make a basic smoke detector with an MQ135 sensor
Air Pressure Sensor: This experiment shows how to interface a BMP180 Air pressure sensor with the Raspberry Pi Pico
Weather Monitoring: This experiment shows how to make a simple weather monitoring system by displaying humidity and temperature values using a DHT11
Automated Plant Watering System:
In this system, the soil moisture sensor senses the moisture level of the soil.
Automated Street Lighting System:
In this project, you can build an IoT-based Automated Street Lighting System that automatically switches the street light ON and OFF based on the amount of sunlight present
Smoke Detector:
Smoke Detectors are very useful in detecting smoke or fire in buildings, and so are the important safety parameters.
This circuit triggers the Buzzer whenever it detects Smoke or fires nearby it.

Product Includes:-
1x Raspberry Pi Pico with Headers
1x Micro USB Cable
1x DHT11 Sensor
1x Active Buzzer
1x 5V 1 Channel Relay
1x 16x2 LCD Module
1x MQ135 Gas Sensor
1x Rain Sensor
1x BMP180 Sensor
1x Mini Pump
1x Soil Moisture Sensor