Electronics Component Basic Starter Kit 1 for Resistor capacitor and components - Compatible With Uno, Mega2560, Raspberry Pi

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The Starter Kits are a good knowledgeable and self-learning resource for the rookies in the robotics field and who are just beginning with their initial projects
Package Dimensions : 5 x 3.99 x 3 cm;
Items:- 49.9 Grams

Package List:
100R Resistor 10pcs
220R Resistor 10pcs
330R Resistor 10pcs
1K Resistor 10pcs
10K Resistor 10pcs
100K Resistor 10pcs
4.7K Resistor 10pcs
47K Resistor 10pcs
100PF Ceramic Capacitor 10pcs
10NF Ceramic Capacitor 10pcs
100NF Ceramic Capacitor 10pcs
22PF Ceramic Capacitor 10pcs
10UF aluminum electrolytic capacitor 10pcs
470UF aluminum electrolytic capacitor 10pcs
Red LED 10pcs
Green LED 10pcs
Yellow LED 10pcs
Blue LED 10pcs
12*12*7.3 Switch 8pcs
Red Cap 2pcs
Yellow Cap 2pcs
Grenn Cap 2pcs
Blue Cap 2pcs
10K Precision Potentiometer 1pcs
RGB LED 2pcs
Active Buzzer 1pcs
Passive Buzzer 1pcs
Pin Header1*40 1pcs
Resistor Card 1pcs
400pts Breadboard 1pcs
30pcs/pack Breadboard Jumper Wires 1set

This kit walks you through the basics of using development in a hands-on way.You'll learn through building several creative projects.
The kit includes a selection of the most common and useful electronic components
The kit includes Uno R3 board which helps you to get started with hundreds of micro controller projects, from basics of electronics to more complex projects
The Starter Kit is a great way to get started with micro controller, coding and electronics!

  • Package: Pack of 235pcs, including Resistor, Capacitor, LED, Potentiometer, Buzzer, Pin Header, Breadboard, Jumper, Touch Switch.
  • Educational Use: It is a great kit for educational use,it includes lots of Common components for your Electronic Experiment.
  • High Quality: All the components are professional quality, and fully re-seable. It is a great pack for your Electronic Project.
  • Electronics DIY Beginner Component Kit: You may learn about micro controllers through using these basic projects by using your own hands. Try any circuit you want to the micro controllers and accomplish your creation.