Ender 3 CR-10/CR-10S Hotend Assembled, 12V 40W MK8 Extruder Kit for Ender 3 PRO, with Aluminum Heating Block 1.75mm for 3D Printer

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Ender-3 Hotend Kit
Break the limitations of 3D printing, Achieve the Pinnacle of Creativity.
Take care to make the product better
Stable operation
High precision
Strong and wear-resistant hotend
Say goodbye to cloggings
Simple and Hassle-free with Integrated Design:
The overall exterior is textured, Integrated structure design simple wire connection, one step installations.
Faster, Higher and Stronger:
Keep up with the Rhythm of the Fast Era
Heating + cooling block, to ensure stable printing temperature, and to make sure of efficient and reliable printing.
Say No to Clog:
Design by Creality, bullet structure, heat more evenly, less plugging problems, and reducing wire drawing.
Interpret Powerful Performance with Details:
Teflon Tube: Less clogging problems, smooth filament feeding.
Thermistor + Heating tube: Rapid heating, precise temperature control, temperature detection up to 260?.
Optimal Design of Throat Tube: Better thermal conductivity, enhance nozzle working stability.

Product name: Ender-3 Hotend Kit
Material: Metal
Packing size: 165x155x50mm
Application: Ender-3/ Ender-3 pro/ Ender-3s / CR-10 S4.

Product Includes:-
1x Ender-3 Hotend Kit

  • Stable operation
  • Say goodbye to cloggings
  • High precision
  • Strong and wear-resistant hotend
  • Faster, Higher and Stronger