ESP8266 Serial WIFI Witty Cloud Development Board ESP-12F Module MINI Nodemcu

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The ESP8266 Serial WIFI Witty Cloud Development Board + MINI nodeMCU is cheap and small Wifi transceiver, a perfect solution for Home Automation and IoT applications. It can be the replacement for your NRF24L01, it can talk to your Wifi router directly through the UART MCU?s (Rx, Tx).
You can program this module to work stand alone with the Arduino IDE or with LUA as NodeMCU. It has an LDR and a WS2812 LED already on board for your projects. .
This ESP8266 Serial WIFI Witty Cloud Development Board + MINI nodeMCU is a cloud intelligent hardware development kit, the history of the most simple and most cost-effective IoT development board, the TCP/IP another complexes, as long as you will C language, can use EMC?s with cloud SDK quickly realize the secondary development, the DEMO board can use mobile phone flow control panel mount RGB colorful lights, mobile terminal APP, can display environment brightness by photosensitive resistance, less code as long as the modification for half an hour can make your own remote control equipment, system generates free APP (Android, IOS), open the SDK.
Dubbed as ?Witty Cloud?, the ESP8266 Serial Wi-Fi Witty Cloud Development Board ESP-12F Module, is a compact ESP8266-based module that is made of two stacked PCB boards connected by a pair of 8-pin headers.
The upper board is the main board which consists of an ESP-12F module ? where ESP8266 Wi-Fi microcontroller is located, an RGB LED, an LDR, a button, a micro USB port, and a 3.3V voltage regulator. The lower board mounts the CH340G USB-to-UART module that allows connection with a computer to the ESP8266 for programming the flash or for seeing debug messages. There are other two buttons RST (reset) and FLASH, and a micro USB port.
The main Witty board can operate stand-alone, once the firmware is ready for your project. Witty Cloud module can be programmed with Arduino IDE or with LUA as NodeMCU.

  • WS2812 Led on board
  • 3x tactile buttons (1x in the Witty board and 2x in theCH340 board) & Micro USB connection for power and/or programming
  • Uses latest ESP-12F module with 4M flash and integrated antenna
  • RGB LED connected to GPIO 12,13 and 15 & It supports 3 modes ASTA, AP+STA