Floating Straight Automatic Water Level Control For Water Tank-14014449MG

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This Valve Is The Replacement Of The Traditional Float Ballcock, Which Can Be Applied To Various Systems Of High Water Tanks, Pools, Water Towers Of The Industry And Civil Construction, Etc.

Automatic Control, Low Self-Complementary Water, Water Full Automatic Stop.

Four Intakes, Large Volume Of Water.

Beautiful Appearance, Small Size, Practical, Simple Installation.

Without Electricity, Easy To Use, Long Life, Low Failure Rate, Saving Water Resources.

Working Pressure Range: 0.2-10Kg.

Applicable Medium: Clean Water.

Applicable Medium Temperature: ≤70℃.

Resistance To High Temperature Medium Temperature: 70℃~120℃ Material: Nylon Pa66, Stainless Steel Screws, Food Grade Rubber.

Size(L*W): Approx. 83*71Mm / 3.27*2.8Inch.

Diameter: Approx. 46Mm / 1.81Inch.

When The Pool Or Tank Water Levels Fall, The Valve Body Will Sink Down And Then The Forerunner Of The Control Valve Will Be Opened. As The Pipe Water Pressure Affects, The Seal Face Of Control Valve Will Be Opened. Finally The Water Comes Out And Vice Versa.

Note :

If The Water Quality Is Not Good, Then The Valves Need To Be Maintained Properly.

If The Users Find The Time Of Adding Water Becomes Longer, He Can Just Upload The Water Inlet And Make It Washed.

Package Includes :

1 X Water Level Control Valve.