Force Sensing Resistor Small 0.2" 5.08mm - Pressure Sensor

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Force Sensing Resistor Small This is a force sensor resistor having a round sensing area of 0.2? diameter. The resistance across the sensor terminals will vary depending upon the amount of pressure applied to the sensing area. As the applied pressure increases, resistance decreases. During no load conditions, the resistance will be greater than 1M?. This sensor is able to measure forces in the range of 100g to 10kg. You can easily interface this sensor with Microcontrollers, Arduino Boards, Raspberry Pi etc. using an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). Specifications Force Sensitivity Range : < 100 g ~ > 10 kg Pressure Sensitivity Range : < 1.5 psi ~ >150 psi (< 0.1 kg/cm2 ~ > 10 kg/cm2) Stand-Off Resistance : > 1M? Device Rise Time : 1 – 2 msec Life Time : > 10 million actuations Temperature Range : -30ºC ~ +70°C Connector Pitch : 2.54mm Datasheet Force Sensitive Resistor User's Guide