Fotek AC to AC 80-250V SSR-75AA Solid State Relay

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Built-in RC.  With LED indicator. Zero-cross Or Random turn-on. Precautions When choosing a SSR, please notice the actual load current and working ambient temperature.  Apply heat-radiation silicon grease of a heat conductive sheet between the SSR and heat sink.  Tighten the ssr terminal screws properly.


Model: SSR-75AA-H

Control: AC to AC

Load Current: 75A

Control Voltage: 80-250VAC

Max Input Current: 12mA

Must Operation Voltage : 2.8VDC

Must Release Voltage: 1.5VDC

Load Voltage: 90-480VAC

Peak Voltage: 800V

Operation Temperature: -30℃ to 80℃

Max off-state leakage current: 2mA

Max on-state voltage drop: 1.5V

Dielectric strength: 2500V

Certificates: CE

Dimensions (mm):61.5L x 45W x 23H

Weight: 100g

Product Includes:-

1x Input ac 80-250V, output 90-480VAC SSR-75AA-H solid state module 480v solid state relay