Fotek DC To DC 5-60V SSR-25DD Solid State Relay 3-32VDC/5-60VDC 25A

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The DC-DC 25A solid state relay has a 3-32VDC input and a 6-60VDC output. It has a maximum load capacity of 25A. It has a long operating life and high reliability, a compact size.  This relay switches very quickly.


Input voltage: 3-32 VDC

Charging voltage: 5-60 VDC

Output current: 25A

Control mode: DC-DC

State leakage current: ‰ ¤4mA / ‰ ¤2mA

Shutdown time: ‰ ¤ 10 ms

Dielectric resistance: 2500VAC / 1 min

Insulation force: 50M Ω / 500VDC

Insulation temperature: -20°C to 80°C

Housing material: intensive ABS

CE certified

Operating signal: LED light

Weight: 105g

Product Includes:-

1x 5-60V SSR-25DD Solid State Relay