GY - 50 L3G4200D 3 - axis Gyroscope/ Gyro Sensor Module for Arduino

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"Main Features :
3-axis gyroscope, providing you with very high resolution (16 bit) measurements at up to 2000 dps.
The gyroscope measures how much the device is rotating around all three axis, the range is user selectable and so can be adjusted to suit your application.
Outputs data over either I2C or SPI. If you choose to use the device in I2C, there are handy soldering jumpers available on the board to choose the address.
The device also features a 32 count first in first out (FIFO) buffer, allowing you to request the data in batches, rather than having to constantly query the device. This frees up processor cycles for more calculations, whilst still maintaining a high bandwidth.

Specifications :
Sensor type - Gyroscope, 3 axis.
Sensing Range - Three selectable full scales (250/500/200 dps).
Interface - I2C/SPI Digital.
Voltage Supply - 2.4 V ~ 3.6 V.
Utilized IC - L3G4200D.
Output Lines - Two Digital Output Lines (Interrupt and data ready).
Operating Temperature - -400 C ~ 850 C.
Compliance - ECOPACK/RoHS and Green. "