L298P Motor Shield motor driver for arduino

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L298P Shield DC motor drives using LGS\’s outstanding high-power motor driver chip dedicated L298P, can directly drive two DC Motors, drive current up to 2A, motor output using eight-speed Schottky diodes as protection. Stack design can be directly plugged into the Arduino, easier to use! Technical Specifications: logical part of the input voltage VD: 5V driven part of the input voltage VS: VIN Input 6.5 ~ 12V, PWRIN 4.8 ~ 35V input logical part of the work current Iss: <36mA driven part of the operating current Io: <2A maximum power dissipation: 25W (T = 75 Celsius) control signal input level: High 2.3V low -0.3V Working temperature: -25 + 130 Celsius hardware interface: 5.0mm pitch terminal belt clip and can be controlled via front row access signal Drive Type: Dual power H-bridge driver Pin occupancy: D4 ~ D7 direct drive motor supports PWM / PLL mode motor speed control