LCD Display 16x2 (Blue Jumbo) - Robodo
LCD Display 16x2 (Blue Jumbo) - Robodo
LCD Display 16x2 (Blue Jumbo) - Robodo

LCD Display 16x2 (Blue Jumbo)

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The display is 16 character by 2 line display that has a very clear and high contrast white text upon a blue background/backlight.

The 16x2 LCD Display is an ideal choice for both hobbyists and manufacturers seeking a reliable and straightforward alphanumeric display solution.

This module boasts a compact design with 16 characters displayed per line and 2 lines available, offering ample space for showcasing essential information.

For hobbyists, this LCD display serves as a fantastic tool for creating personalized electronic projects.

Whether you're building a digital clock, temperature monitor, or data logger, the 16x2 LCD Display provides a clear and easy-to-read interface for your project.

Manufacturers will appreciate the versatility and compatibility of this display module.

It can be seamlessly integrated into various product designs, especially those that require a simple and efficient textual interface.

Its backlight feature ensures readability in diverse lighting conditions, making it suitable for a range of industrial applications.

The values shown on the display can be either simple text or numerical values read by the sensors, such as temperature or pressure, or even the number of cycles that the Arduino is performing.

One thing to consider is you’ll waste about 8 Pins on your Arduino for the display to get working.

Luckily there exists an I2C adapter that you can solder right onto the pins of the display.

So all you need to connect are the I2C pins, which show a good library and little of coding.

We have the same LCD module with a pre-assembled I2C adapter, click on the name below to check it

It interfaces smoothly with microcontrollers and development boards through standard communication protocols like I2C and SPI, simplifying the integration process.


  • Colour: Display
  • Dot: WHITE
  • Background: BLUE
  • Display Format: 16 (characters) ×2 (line)
  • IC: 7066 7065
  • Interface Input Data: 8 Bits
  • Driving Method: 1/16 Duty, 1/4 Bias
  • Viewing Direction: 6 O’clock
  • Backlight: LED (WHITE)
  • Module Size: 122.00(W) X 43.69(H) X13.4(T) mm
  • Viewing Area: 99.00(W) X 23.99(H) mm
  • Effective Display Area: 95.02(W) X 20.18(H) mm
  • Number of Dots: 16(characters) ×2(line)
  • Dot Size 1.08(W) X 0.94(H) mm
  • Dot Pitch: 1.16(W) X 1.02(H) mm

Product Includes:-

1x LCD Display 16x2 (Blue Jumbo)