LCD Display 16x2 (Blue) Wider Veiw Area - Robodo
LCD Display 16x2 (Blue) Wider Veiw Area - Robodo
LCD Display 16x2 (Blue) Wider Veiw Area - Robodo
LCD Display 16x2 (Blue) Wider Veiw Area - Robodo

LCD Display 16x2 (Blue) Wider Veiw Area

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The module size is 80.00 mm in width, 36.00 mm in height, and 12.0 mm in thickness.

The viewing area of the display is 64.00 mm in width and 16.00 mm in height, while the effective display area is slightly smaller at 55.02 mm in width and 11.00 mm in height.

The display consists of 16 characters in each of the 2 lines, resulting in a total of 32 characters.

Each dot on the display has a size of 0.55 mm in width and 0.60 mm in height, and the dot pitch, which refers to the distance between the centers of two adjacent dots, is 0.61 mm in width and 0.66 mm in height.

These specifications provide a clear overview of the module's physical dimensions, display capabilities, and dot characteristics.


  • Display Mode: The display employs STN (Super Twisted Nematic) technology with a blue color scheme, presenting a negative display type that allows for effective light transmission.
  • Color Configuration: The display dots appear in white, set against a blue background, enhancing visibility and contrast.
  • Display Format: The display format is structured as 16 characters across 2 lines, providing a compact yet informative visual presentation.
  • Integrated Circuit (IC): The module utilizes either the ST7066 or ST7065 IC, contributing to its functionality and control capabilities.
  • Interface Input Data: Data input to the display is through an 8-bit interface, facilitating efficient communication and control.
  • Driving Method: The display employs a driving method with a duty cycle of 1/16 and a bias of 1/4, enabling precise and controlled pixel activation.
  • Viewing Direction: The optimal viewing direction for the display is at 6 O'clock, ensuring a clear and comfortable viewing experience from a typical viewing angle.
  • Backlight: The module is equipped with a white LED backlight, enhancing visibility in various lighting conditions and environments.
  • Overall, this LCD display offers a wider viewing area and boasts advanced features such as its STN display mode, distinct color scheme, 16x2 character configuration, and precise driving methods, making it a versatile and effective choice for information display applications.


  • Module Size 80.00(W) X 36.00(H) X12.0(T) mm
  • Viewing Area 64.00(W) X 16.00(H) mm
  • Effective Display Area 55.02(W) X 11.00(H) mm
  • Number of Dots 16(characters)×2(line) -
  • Dot Size 0.55(W) X 0.60(H) mm
  • Dot Pitch 0.61(W) X 0.66(H) mm

Absolute Maximum Ratings:

  • Supply Voltage for Logic (VDD): Minimum: -0.3V, Typical, Maximum: 5.0V (V)
  • Supply Voltage for LCD Drive (V0, VOUT): Minimum: -0.3V, Typical, Maximum: 14.5V (V)
  • Operating Temperature (TOP): Minimum: -20°C, Typical, Maximum: +70°C (°C)
  • Storage Temperature (TST): Minimum: -30°C, Typical, Maximum: +80°C (°C)
  • Static Electricity: It is important to be properly grounded when handling the LCD module.

Electrical Characteristics:

  • Supply Voltage for Logic (VDD – VSS): At 25°C, Minimum: 4.8V, Typical: 5.0V, Maximum: 5.2V (V)
  • Supply Voltage For LCD (VDD – V0): At 25°C, Minimum: 4.5V, Typical: 4.7V, Maximum: 4.9V (V)

Input Voltage:

  • "High" Level (V IH): At 25°C, Range: 0.8VDD to VDD (V)
  • "Low" Level (V IL): Range: VSS to 0.2VDD (V)

Output Voltage:

  • "High" Level (V OH): IOUT = -0.5mA, Range: 0.8VDD to VDD (V)
  • "Low" Level (V OL): IOUT = 0.5mA, Range: VSS to 0.2VDD (V)
  • Current Consumption (IDD): VIN = VDD, Current: Not specified (mA)

Product Includes:-

1x LCD Display 16x2 (Blue) Wider Veiw Area