MA-3485 Pocket 60x LED Currency Detecting Microscope

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"Magnifier Lens: This pocket magnifier is a great tool to have with you for a whole range of tasks with its massive 50x magnification power from the high quality 10mm lens for extra sharpness and clarity

Hobbies: These are super handy for a whole range of applications and hobbies where fine detail and closer inspection is required

Use for jewelry making, coin and stamp collecting or production, electronics, model building, science, watch repair and fine printing

Lighting: All great magnification requires brilliant lighting for the perfect viewing experience

Our pocket lens will illuminate objects using 2 super bright LED lights and 1 UV light which can be operated by a simple on and off switch

Soft Carry Case: Keep your tools safe and protect the lens with the soft black carry case provided making this super easy to be carried around with you all day long, kept in a tool box or craft room"