MG811 Carbon Dioxide Sensor

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MG-811 Carbon Dioxide Sensor Module (Carbon dioxide sensor) is a carbon dioxide sensor (CO2)
sensor that is a Metal Oxide Sensor, which must heat the tank to the specified level.
(With the method of supplying power) will cause heat vapor and separate CO2 from the air.
This sensor module has am MG-811 onboard as the sensor component.
A signal output circuit for heating the sensor The MG-811 is highly sensitive to CO2 and less sensitive to alcohol and CO.
The Output voltage of the CO2 increases.
Useful for greenhouses and medical projects.
Sends an analog signal that decreases as the concentration of CO2 increases.
This module also includes a digital output pin with TTL output.
The potentiometer on board is used to set the digital output setpoint.
After setting the potentiometer threshold, once that threshold is reached, an LED on the sensor will illuminated and the digital pin will give a HIGH voltage sigal.
Air Quality Control
Ferment Process Control
Room Temperature CO2 concentration Detection
Controlling environment horticulture
Process control
Pin Out:
VCC: 6V (You can use a 4AA Battery for this).
AOUT: Analog Output (voltage decreases as CO2 levels increase).
DOUT: Digital Output that goes HIGH when the threshold is reached (set the threshold by turning the onboard potentiometer).
GND: 0V.

Sensor Type: Gas Sensor
Chip: MG811
Gas Sensitive: Carbon Dioxide
Operating Voltage (V): 6V DC
Dimensions: 3.2x2.2x2.9 cms
Weight: 10 grams

Package Includes:-
1x MG-811 Carbon Dioxide Sensor

  • Sensor Type: Gas Sensor
  • Chip: MG811
  • Operating Voltage (V): 6V DC
  • Gas Sensitive: Carbon Dioxid
  • VCC: 6V (You can use a 4AA Battery for this).