Mini Electric Drill Chuck 0.3-4mm Jto Taper-Mounted Lathe PCB Drill Press for Motor Shaft Connecting Rod 3.17mm

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3.17mm Brass Mini Electric Motor Drill Bit of 0.3mm 4mm Drilling Axle of Drilling.
Drill Clamp JT0 Connecting Rod Connector 3.17mm Drill Motor Motor Shaft.
3.17mm Motor Shaft Coupling BRASS Connector.
Adjusted with 3.17mm of motor shaft.


Color: as picture.
Material: High Carbon Steel.
outside diameter: 21.5mm.
Taper: 2 degrees 49 minutes 24.7 seconds.
work with 0.3mm-4mm (0.01 ""-0.16"") Drilling Rigs.
the maximum tightening: 4.2mm.
Connection size: JT0 (inner hole diameter is 6mm).
JT0 larger diameter final cone: 6.350mm.
JT0 cone Smallest diameter end: 5,800mm.
3.17mm Brass Mini Electric Motor Shaft.

Package Includes:
1 pcs Chucks.
1 key / key.
1 unit 3.17mm Connecting Rod. "