MP3 FN-M16P Embedded Audio Voice U-Disk Audio Player Micro SD Card Module

MP3 FN-M16P Embedded Audio Voice U-Disk Audio Player Micro SD Card Module

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1.1. Brief Introduction
FN-M16P module is a serial MP3 module that is with a perfect integrated MP3 and WMV decoder chip. It provides
micro SD card driver, and supports FAT16 and FAT32 file systems. It is able to play back specified sound files and
realize other functions through simple serial commands. In the mean time, this module supports AD key control
mode that facilitates users to develop their jobs in some simple applications. Without the cumbersome underlying
operating, easy to use, stable and reliable are the most important features of this module.

1.2. Product Features
l Supports MP3 and WAV decoding.
l Supports FAT16 and FAT32 file system. l 24-bit DAC output and supports dynamic range 90dB and SNR 85dB. l Supports AD key control mode and UART RS232 serial control mode. l Supports maximum 32GB micro SD card and 32GB USB flash drive.
l Audio files are sorted by folders; supports up to 99 folders, and each folder can be assigned to 255 sound files.
l Supports inter-cut advertisements.
l Supports playback of specifying folders. l Support random playback. l Built-in 3W amplifier that can direct drive a 3W/8Ohm speaker. l 30 levels adjustable volume, and 6 levels adjustable EQ.

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