MY1016ZL Wheelchair Motors 24V Electric Wheelchair Power PMDC Motor with Electromagnetic brake Lever

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Model: MY1016ZL Wheelchair Motors
Working voltage: 24V
Item no: MY1016ZL
The wheelchair motor output power: 250 w
Output Speed: 75 RPM/120RPM/160RPM
The installation structure: end face
Function types: wheelchairs
Form: IP44
Insulation class: E
Power categories: dc
Working principle: Permanent Magnet DC
Product introduction: it has small volume, low speed high torque output, low noise, high reliability, easy maintenance, etc.
Actual speed: 120 RPM

This Item Include:
1xBrush DC Motor

  • Model: MY1016ZL Brushed DC Motor for Wheelchair
  • Voltage: 24V ; Wattage: 201 - 300w ; Power: 250W
  • Speed: 120RPM ; Reduction Ratio: 40:1