Portable Electronic Weight Sensor Load Cell Weighing Sensor Scale 10 KG Driver

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Digital Portable 10KG Electronic Scale Load Cell Weight Weighing Sensor Module

Rated Load: 10Kg
Rated Output: 1.0mV/V 0.15mV/V
Zero Output: 0.1mV/V
Creep: 0.03%F.S./30min
Input End: Red+(power), Black-(power)
Output End: Green+(signal), White-(signal)
Recommended operating voltage: 3 ~ 12 VDC
Maximum operating voltage: 15 VDC
Input Impedance: 1115 10%
Output Impedance: 1000 10%

Connection: red wire to +E,black wire to -E,Green wire to +S, White wire to -S

Package Includes:

1 x Weighing Sensor