SC-4600-C005-7.4V Serial Control BUS Servo motor

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SC-4600-C005 is 7.4V 40KG double shaft serial bus smart servo?Aluminum alloy case is used to facilitate heat dissipation?metal gearbox?coreless motor, Self researched and developed TTL control board?High quality potentiometer?25T output shaft?The stall torque is effective control angle is 300?,it has servo mode and continuous rotation motor working mode can feedback position?speed?voltage?current?temperature?Load parameters?Thus, overload protection can be realized?It is suitable for the application scenarios of teaching, maker, small torque and low frequency

Specification :-
Product Name: 7.4V Serial Control BUS Servo
Storage Temperature Range: -30??80?
Operating Temperature Range: -15??70?
Size: A?40mm B?20mm C?43.05mm
Weight: 88g?0.2
Gear type: Metal Gear
Limit angle: NO limiter
Bearing: 2 Ball bearings
Horn gear spline: 25T(5.9mm)
Horn type: Aluminium
Case: Aluminium
Connector wire: 150mm ?5 mm
Motor: Coreless motor
Operating Voltage Range: 6-8.4V
No load speed: 0.21sec/60?@7.4V 47RPM
Running current(at no load) : 130 mA@7.4V
Peak stall torque:
Rated torque: 13.5@7.4V
Stall current: 3000mA@7.4V
Command signal: Bus Packet Communication TTL level
Protocol Type: Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication
ID range: 0-253
Communication Speed: 38400bps ~ 1 Mbps
Running degree: 300?
Feedback: Load, Speed, Input Voltage, Current, Temperature.
Position Sensor Resolution: Potentiometer(300?/1024)?5%

Product Includes:-
1x SC-4600-C005 -7.4V Serial Control BUS Servo

  • Storage Temperature Range: -30℃~80℃
  • Operating Temperature Range: -15℃~70℃
  • Weight: 88g士0.2
  • Gear type: Metal Gear
  • Horn type: Aluminium