Single string 18650 3.7V Lithium Battery Protection Plate 6MOS, Battery Management System BMS (3 pcs).

Single string 18650 3.7V Lithium Battery Protection Plate 6MOS, Battery Management System BMS (3 pcs)

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Nowadays Li-ion batteries are most popular to be used in many indoor and outdoor gadgets, these batteries are preferred due to their high charge storage capacity. such batteries are widely used in today’s portable devices. they are compact, more efficient and have a high energy intensity compared to other types of batteries.

One drawback of such a battery is that we need to continually monitor their charging and discharging process if we do not do this, it badly affects battery life and also reduces the charge storing capacity. If we discharge such battery below certain voltage range, then the battery cell has a high risk of damage and if we overcharge such battery then it may explode. To overcome such issues, we can use battery protection and battery charging circuits such as this product.

This is Li-ion single-cell charger/protection circuit which can be used to charge a single cell of 15 Amp capacity or 2500Mah parallel-connected 5 to 6 li-ion cells. In this MOSFET are employed to do the monitoring task which protects our battery cells from overcharge, over-discharge, and from short circuit. 

Protection : 

1. Overcharge protection.

2. over-discharge protection. 

3. short circuit protection. 

4. overcurrent protection. 

Wiring instructions: 

1. B+ battery is positive.

2. B- battery negative. 

3. P+ outputs the positive input for the battery pack. 

4. P- outputs the negative electrode for the battery pack. 

Specifications and Features : 

1. Overcharge detection voltage : 4.25 + 0.05V. 

2. Over charge release voltage : 4.23 + 0.05V. 

3. discharge detection voltage : 2.45 + 0.1V. 

4. Ceiling continuous current : 12A.

5. Overcurrent detection current : 15A. 

6. Input Charging voltage : 4.2V. 

7. IC components : DW01+8205A. 

Package Includes :

3 x 1S 18650 3.7V lithium battery protection plate 6 MOS.