SMD NRF24L01 2.4G wireless data transmission module/mini NRF24L01 wireless module

SMD NRF24L01 2.4G wireless data transmission module/mini NRF24L01 wireless module

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NRF24L01 is a world-wide work in 2.4-2.5GHz ISM band single-chip transceiver chip, a wireless transceiver comprises: a frequency generator Enhanced SchockBurstTM mode controller amplifier transistor amplifier modulator demodulator output channel selection and protocols settings can be set very low current consumption through the SPI interface, the transmit power when working in the transmit mode for lower current consumption is 9.0mA when 6dBm accepted mode for the next power-down mode and standby mode 12.3mA current consumption patterns.
Ball Open ISM band, the maximum transmit power 0dBm-free license to use. Open 100 meters!
Six channels support data reception
1. Low Operating Voltage: 1.9 ~ 3.6V low voltage operation.
2. High Rate: 2Mbps, due to air transmission time is very short, greatly reducing the wireless transmission of collision phenomena (software settings 1Mbps or 2Mbps air transmission rate).
3. The multi-frequency: 125 frequency to meet the multi-point communication and frequency hopping communication needs.
4. Ultra-small: Built 2.4GHz antenna, compact, 15x29mm (including antenna).
5. Low power consumption: When working in answer mode of communication, air transport and fast start-up time, which greatly reduces the current consumption.
6. The low application cost: NRF24L01 integrates all RF protocol associated with the high-speed signal processing section, such as: automatic retransmission of lost packets and automatically generate response signals, NRF24L01 SPI interface can be used to connect the microcontroller hardware SPI port or microcontroller I / O port for analog, internal FIFO with a variety of high and low speed microprocessor interface, easy to use low-cost microcontroller.
7. facilitate the development: Due to the link layer is completely integrated in the module, very easy to develop. Automatic retransmission function, automatically detect and retransmit lost packets, retransmission time and the number of retransmissions can be software controlled automatically stores data packets not received a response signal auto-answer feature, after receiving valid data, the module automatically sends a reply signals without any additional programming carrier detection - Fixed frequency detection built-in hardware CRC error detection and multipoint communication address control packet transmission error counters and carrier detection feature can be used settings can be set at the same frequency hopping six-channel receiver channel address, you can selectively the open standard pin Dip2.54MM receive channel spacing interfaces for embedded applications.
Package including:
1 * NRF24L01+2.4G Module.