Solid Relay Module 1 channel 5v low level trigger for Arduino

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Specifications & Usage :

5V Solid State Relay 240V 2A, output with resistive fuse 240V 2A.
Size : 24 x 32 x 21mm (L * W * H).
Input Power : 5V DC (160MA).
Input control signal voltage : (0 - 2.5V state low relay OFF) (3.3V - 5V state high relay ON).

Input section:
DC(+): Positive power supply (by relay voltage power supply).
DC(-): Connect power negative.
CH1: 1 relay module signal to trigger the end (high level trigger effective).
Working current : 12.5mA.
Trigger voltage : 3.3-5V.
Trigger current : 2mA.