Sound Sensor Module

Sound Sensor Module

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Main chip: LM393, electret microphone
Working voltage: DC 4 ~ 6V
Has the signal output instructions
Single signal output.
Effective signal output for low level.
Output low level and signal light will on when there has voice.
Can be used for sonic lamp, with photosensitive sensors act as sound and light alarm, also can be used in the occasion of voice control and sound detection.
Circuit boards output switch value.
Package Include :
1 x Sound Sensor Module

In Ear Design
Robot navigation
Home brew virtual reality systems
Interactive installations
IMU (inertial measurement unit) with an accelerometer for tilt-correction
Pin References
power supply voltage: 5 v
communication: IIC
Measuring range: + / - 1.3-8 gaussian
PCB size: 20 * 20 mm
installation of distributed distance: 15 * 15 mm
installation hole size: F 3