TB6560 4 Axis Cnc Controller 4 Axis Stepper Motor Driver DSP Controlled 3.5A 24V

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TB6560 4 axis cnc controller 4 axis stepper motor driver DSP controlled Replaced by TB6560 for MACH3

Detailed Description

Model:TB6600 4-aixs stepper motor controller

Rated maximum output: ± 4.5A, 40V, Peak 5A, low output impedance, source 0.5?,
the receiving end of 0.4?, low voltage shutdown, thermal parking and circulation
circuit protection. After I design, you can set the current output of 0.5A 1A 1.8A 2.5A
3.3A 4A 4.5A to accommodate more and different motor Current.

The drive is suitable software mach2, mach3, (mach3 have support WIN7 system), KCAM4 like.

1.The inductive DC-DC step
down module, computer terminal and then using the power isolation module design, just to run a set of power input, the input voltage of 24V-40V allows high voltage input, completely beyond TB6560, TB6560 of the input voltage. typically 24V.
2.Increase the external signal input optocoupler used in all optical coupling isolation input.
3.Increase the simulation 0-10V output, combined with MACH3 software to control the drive spindle speed.
4.add a select group of relay outputs (can output two relays, control the two different devices, load isolation, P9 pin relay 1, relay 2 pin P16, P17 cited relay 3 setting foot)
5.Increase the 20-pin multi-connector, docking can be a variety of signal input control (direct signal input with the handle or Weihong card), you can use the microcontroller, ARM, DSP control.
6.Add the buffer chip signal, amplifies the external signal, increasing the accuracy of the pulse.
7.E-type bottom oversized aluminum heat sink to ensure the full capacity 24 hours, the temperature is very low (which can add a fan or other cooling device).