TDA7492 50 * 2 100W High Power Digital Amplifier Board

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This low-cost FX-Audio amplifier module is based on a TDA7492 amplifier chip allowing it to deliver a power of 2x50W under 8?, and this has high efficiency due to its Class D architecture.
The module can also be used in BTL (bridge) mode for the power of 1x100W under 4?. The amplifier chip is combined with a heat sink to ensure proper heat dissipation.
On the connector site, there is a PH 2.0mm 3 pins connector at the input and screw terminals at the output for the left and right channels.
*When the speaker impedance is 4 ohms, the operating voltage must be less than 18V.
*When the speaker impedance is 6 ohms, the operating voltage can not exceed 24V.
*When the speaker impedance is 8 ohms, the working voltage can not exceed 26V. The power not to reverse the polarity.
________________________________________ Features:
1. Class D amplifier produces 2 x 50 watt @ 8 ohms
2. Can be wired R+ to L+ for mono mode
3. 8? stereo wiring harness included
4. Short-circuit and over-temperature protection
5. Supply Voltage 10-26 V DC
________________________________________ Package Includes:
1 x TDA7492 50*2 100W HighPower Digital Amplifier Board
1 x 8? Stereo Wiring Cable

  • Dual-Channel Stereo Output
  • Run-on 10V to 26V power Supply
  • PowerSSO -36 EPU Package
  • Much higher efficiency in terms of cost and performance than competitors’ IC’s