TEC1-12704 40x40mm Thermoelectric Cooler 4A Peltier Module

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The TEC1-12704 40x40mm Thermoelectric Cooler 4A Peltier Module is the simple application of Peltier Thermoelectric Effect.
The module features 127 semiconductor couples in the area of 40mmx40mm which very effectively cools and heats up to 70?C.
Thermoelectric coolers also are known as TEC or Peltier Module create a temperature differential on each side. One side gets hot and the other side gets cool.
Therefore, they can be used to either warm something up or cool something down, depending on which side you use. You can also take advantage of a temperature differential to generate electricity.
This Peltier works very well as long as you remove the heat from the hot side. After turning on the device, the hot side will heat quickly, the cold side will cool quickly. If you do not remove the heat from the hot side (with a heat sink or other device), the Peltier will quickly reach stasis and do nothing.
We recommend using an old computer CPU heatsink or another block of metal to pull heat from the hot side. We were able to use a computer power supply and CPU heatsink to make the cold side so uncomfortable we could not hold our finger to it.
Operating Tips:
Do not exceed Imax or Vmax when operating module.
Please carry out moisture protection options (sealing) in final application use.
Life expectancy: 200,000 hours
Failure rate based on longtime testings: 0.2%.
Quality tested cooling cells.
Solid-state, vibration-free, noise-free.
Simple to install and operate.
Should use with a heat sink.

Model: TEC1-12704
Operating Voltage (VDC): 12
Maximum Voltage (V): 15
Maximum Operating Current (A): 4
Maximum Power (W): 36
Internal Resistance (?): 3.0 to 3.3
Wire Length (mm): 250

Package Includes:
1 x TEC1-12704 40x40mm Peltier

  • Model number: TEC1-12704
  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  • Maximum Voltage- Umax (V) : 15V
  • Maximum Current- Imax (A) : 4.3A
  • Maximum Power : 36 W