W1209 -50~100 digital temperature controller thermostat switch 12V with sensor

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Technical parameters Control range: -50 ~ 110 Input Power: DC 12V Resolution: -9.9-99.9 0.1 , other temperature ranges 1 Measuring inputs: NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof sensor 0.5M Measurement accuracy: 0.1 Output range: 1 way 10A relay Control accuracy: 0.1 Environmental requirements: -10-60 , humidity 20% -85% Hysteresis accuracy: 0.1 Size: 48 * 40mm Refresh rate: 0.5S Power consumption: Static current: <= 35MA,attract current:<= 65MA Temperature protection :0-110 Display Type: 0.28 ” three digital display tube How to use: Connect the power supply and the load, you can supply to the controller,Is displayed as a measured temperature,Press the SET button, the display flashes the temperature,Press + – to set the desired temperature,After setting press SET to confirm return,The controller automatically performs the relay by setting off! Lights, LED status descriptions:Indicator: Off The relay is switched off, Always indicate the relay is closed.LED: Shows LL is the sensor open, showing HH is out of range, the thermostat will be forced to close the relay, the display — as high temperature protection. Parameter Function:Long press SET 5 seconds to enter the main menu settings, press the + – toggle P0 … P8 long press SET or 10 seconds of no key activity confirmed their return to the controller Code Code Description Setting range Factory setting P0 Cooling /Heating C/H C P1 Hysteresis setting 0.5-15 2 P2 Highest setting upper limit 110 110 P3 Lowest setting upper limit -50 -50 P4 Temperature correction -7-7 0 P5 Delay start time 0-10 Minutes 0 P6 High temperature alarm 0-110 OFF Off state, long press + – boot to restore the factory settings