Water Float Sensor (white) for Water Level Switch Controller Detect for Arduino Raspberry Pi

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This is a simple and easy to use float sensor to detect water level. It is basically a mechanical switch that opens and closes as the water level goes above or below the switch. The switch comes with 2 long wires for easy connection and mounting mechanism to easily attach the sensor. It is simple to interface with Arduino/Raspberry Pi and electronic circuits. Note: Product may vary slightly from the photo shown with stock changes Features: 1. Max Contact Rating : 10W. 2. Max Switching Voltage: 220V. 3. Max Switching Current: 0.5A. 4. Max Breakdown Voltage: 220VDC. 5. Max Carry Current: 1.0A. 6. Max Contact Resistance: 100mohm. 7. Temperature Rating: -10~+60 celsius . 8. Insulation Resistance: >10?. 9. Contact Impedance: <100m. 10.Float Ball Material: P.P.