XB NEMA 23 (57mm) Coupling 8x9.5mm for Stepper Motor

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Product features -
Coupling hubs made from high grade aluminum bar stock for precise fit, superior strength and bright finish.
Balanced hub design to support higher RPM with reduced vibration.
Polyurethane material of the spider dampens impulse loads while minimizing shock to the motor and other sensitive equipment.
Easy installation and maintenance, anti oil and corrosion resistant; customized size available upon request.
Considered fail safe because if the spider becomes compromised the jaws of the two hubs interlock for direct power transmission allowing the machine to be shut down safely.

Technical specifications:
Material: Aluminum alloy hubs and elastomeric polyurethane spider.
Product Type: Clamp style jaw coupling without keyway.
Dimensions: large bore: 9.5mm, small bore: 8mm.
Nuber of Screws: 2 each.
Angular Misalignment: ? 1°.
Parallel Misalignment: +0.20mm/-0.20mm .
Maximun Rotational Speed: 6500RPM.
Application: It is mainly applicable for motors, stepper motors, encoders and serco machines.

Notes -
Note 1: Performance ratings are for guidance only. The user must determine suitability for a particular application.
Note 2: Torque ratings for the couplings are based on the physical limitations/failure point of the spiders.
Under normal/typical conditions the hubs are capable of holding up to the rated torque of the machined beams.
In some cases, especially when the smallest standard bores are used or where shafts are undersized, slippage on the shaft is possible below the nominal torque of the spiders.