XH-W1219 12V Digital Red+Green Display Temperature Controller Module W/NTC Waterproof Temperature Sensor

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This is XH-W1219 12V Digital Red+Green Display Temperature Controller Module W/ NTC Waterproof Temperature Sensor. The XH-W1219 thermostat module with its STM8S ?C and I/O (sensor input, keys, double display, relay) can be re-programmed for automation tasks, and it?s easy to work with.

Digital thermostat module. The temperature controller/switch with waterproof NTC probe and integrated LED display in red and green.

Specifications -
Model - XH-W1219
Control Range(?C) - -50 to +110
Control Precision(?C) - 0.1
Measuring Input - NTC10K Sensor
High-Temperature Alarm(?C) - -49 to +110
Input Voltage (V) - 12
Output Type - Relay Output 10A (max)
Return Difference Setting(?C) - 0.1 to 30
Delay Starting(min) - 0 to 10
Temperature Calibration(?C) - -10 to 10

Button Functions :
P0(Temperature Control Mode)
?When first use this product; if you are using it for heating, please set H, if using it for cooling, please set C

P1(Return Difference Setting)
?Long press SET key entering into the internal setting, choose P1 setting; then press SET key to achieve return difference value setting

P2(Temperature Calibration)
?This function is for temperature calibration. If detection temperature and the actual temperature is different, then users can apply this function to calibrate

P3(Delay Start)
?This function is for compressor cooling

P4(Set High-Temperature Alarm Value)
?When the actual temperature is higher than this value, the screen will flash and sound an alarm

  • Control Range: -50~110 °C
  • Control Precision: 0.1 °C
  • Measuring Input: NTC10K waterproof sensor L=0.5m.
  • High-Temperature Alarm: -49~110 °C
  • Input Voltage: DC 12V