XL4015 5A DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Buck Module LED w/ Voltmeter

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5A 4V-38V XL4015 DC-DC Adjustable Step Down Module Voltmeter


The DC-DC Adjustable Step Down Converter Module has large power, high efficiency, low-ripple. With power indicator, on-board voltmeter. The voltmeter can calibrate automatically. The measure can be changed between input and output voltage, with indicator. The voltmeter can also be shutdown. The board uses connection terminal for easy wiring.
Built in thermal shutdown function
Built in current limit function
Built in output short protection function


Better than 2596, easy to 4A 50W, up to 75W adding heat sink
Input voltage: 4V ~ 38V (not more than 38V)
Output voltage: 1.25V ~ 36V (adjustable)
Output current: 0A ~ 5A (recommended below 4.5A)
Output power: recommended use below 75W (add heat sink when more than 50W)
Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
Operating frequency: 180KHz
Conversion efficiency: Up to 96% (based on input and output voltage, current, pressure)
Voltmeter range: 0V ~ 40V
Voltmeter error: ±0.1V (NOTE: To ensure the accuracy, keep the input above 4.5V)
Load regulation: S (I) ≤0.8%
Voltage regulation rate: S (u) ≤0.8%
Power indicator: Yes
Short circuit protection: Yes (limit current 8A)
Over temperature protection: Yes (shutdown output automatically after over temperature)
Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None (cascade high current diode if required)
Wiring: IN+/- Input, OUT+/- Output
Size: 66 x 39 x 18mm

Voltmeter calibration method:

1. Onboard voltmeter shows that the output voltage, long press the right button 2 seconds to loosen, voltmeter, and the output voltage indicator light [OUT] synchronous flash, at this time into the output voltage regulation mode; Similarly, when the input voltage IN the voltmeter display, long press the right button 2 seconds to loosen, voltmeter, and the input voltage indicator light [IN] synchronous flash, at this time into the input voltage adjustment mode.

2. Light touch button on the right side, the voltage value is adding up a unit; Press the left button, minus a unit; Due to a unit of voltage is less than 0.1 V, so you need to press the 1-5 consecutive can see the voltmeter change 0.1 V, the concrete continuous button several times depends on the current display voltage, current shows that the higher the voltage, the fewer the number of press.

3. After the voltage adjustment, long press the right button for 2 seconds, release, to exit the output voltage calibration mode, all the parameters set to automatically power down saving.

The DC/DC buck module applications the input voltage is higher than the output voltage of the buck field, such as battery, power transformer, DIY adjustable regulated power supply, LCD Monitor and LCD TV, portable instrument power supply, telecom/networking equipment, 24V vehicle notebook power supply, industrial equipment buck. 12V buck to 3.3V, 12V buck to 5V, 24V buck to 5V, 24V buck to 12V, 36V buck to 24V etc.


The input voltage should be more 1.5V than output!

Package included:

1 x 5A 75W DC-DC adjustable step down converter module ( with heat sink and screws )