XL6009 LM2596 DC-DC step up down boost buck voltage power converter module

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Parameters -

Module Properties: non-isolated step-up & down module (BOOST & Buck).

Input voltage: 3.2-32V.

Output voltage: (1) continuously adjustable (1.2-35V).

Output Current: 1.5A (MAX).

Input Current: 4A (MAX).

Output power: natural cooling 20W, plus heat sink 25W (MAX) real power.

Maximum output power = input voltage conversion efficiency * 4A *conversion efficiency.

Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 C to + 85 C) (ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, lower power use, or to enhance heat dissipation).

Full load temperature rise: 45 C.

Operating frequency: 400khz.

Load current: 5V turn 12V 15mA.

Load regulation: ± 0.5%.

Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%.

Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS.

Enable Control Port: Yes, high 1.4V-VIN (ON), low 0-0.8V (OFF), the default high.

Short circuit protection: None (Please install fuse or protection circuit input).

Input reverse polarity protection: None, please with our reverse protection diode board or in the input series.

Installation: You can screw (Fixing holes 3 mm), 2 fixing holes.