XR2206 High Precision Function Signal Generator DIY Kit Sine/Triangle/Square Output 1Hz-1MHz Adjustable Frequency Amplitude

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This signal generator DIY kit is professional product to generate sine/triangle/square wave. It's a DIY kit for you to weld and install.

High resolution, can generate sine/triangle/square waveforms.
Frequency range: 1Hz-1MHz.
Adjustable frequency and amplitude.
Frequency adjustment features coarse tuning and fine tuning.
Wide power supply range, use 9-12V external power or 9V battery(NOT Included).
All are through hole components, easy for installation.

Voltage Supply: 9-12V DC Input.
Waveforms: Square, Sine & Triangle.
Impedance: 600 Ohm + 10%.
Frequency: 1Hz-1MHz.
Amplitude: 0-3V at 9V DC Input.
Distortion: Less than 1% (at 1KHz).
Flatness: +0.05dB 1Hz - 100kHz.
Amplitude: 8V (no load) at 9V DC Input.
Rise Time: Less than 50ns (at 1KHz).
Fall Time: Less than 30ns (at 1KHz).
Symmetry: Less than 5% (at 1KHz).
Amplitude: 0-3V at 9V DC Input.
Linearity: Less than 1% (up to 100KHz) 10mA.
Package Size: Approx. 12 * 8 * 2cm / 4.72 * 3.15 * 0.8in.
Package Weight: 69g / 2.46oz.

Package List:
1 * Signal Generator DIY Kit.
1 * User Manual(English).