ZMPT101B Single Phase Voltage Sensor | Voltage Transformer Module compatible with Arduino(1 pcs)

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 This is 5A Monophase Active Output AC Current Transformer Module. 


• Onboard precision micro current transformer

• High precision op-amp circuit board, do accurate sampling for the signal and appropriate compensation, and other functions

• The module can measure within 5A current communication , corresponding to output analog quantity can be adjusted

• On-board precision micro-current transformer

• On-board high-precision op-amp circuit, to do accurate sampling and appropriate compensation and other functions to signal

• The module can measure AC current within 5A, corresponding output analog can be adjusted

• Under ideal conditions, the input voltage VCC is 3-35V, according to the potentiometer (adjust the amplification ratio, amplification range 0-100 times) to adjust the required output voltage, but the output (OUT) of the maximum voltage does not exceed 1 / 2 VCC. 

• The output signal is the AC voltage signal, and the output signal voltage does not exceed the maximum 1 / 2VCC. 


• PCB board size : 38 (mm) x18.5 (mm)

• Working voltage: DC5-30V

• Rated input current: 5A

• Rated output current: 5mA

• Change: 1000: 1

• Phase difference (rated input): ≤20'(100Ω) 

• Linearity range: 0 ~ 10A (100Ω)

• Linearity: 0.2%

• Precision rating: 0.2

• Isolation voltage uses: 3000V measurement

• Sealing material: Epoxy resin

• Operating temperature: -40 ° C to + 70 ° C


• This module can measure AC current within 5A. 

Package Includes: 

• 1 x Single-Phase 5A Active Output AC Current Transformer Sensor Module