35BYJ-46 Stepper Motor 12V (1 pcs)

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Mainly used in Air Conditioner Louver, Small Cooling/Heating Fan etc.
Stable and all technical parameters are qualified for national electronic standard of SJ/T10689-95.

Specification :-
Model: 35BYJ-46
Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
Number of Phase: 4
Moderating Ratio: 1/43.75
Step Angle: 7.5°/43.75
DC Resistance: 110~150Ω ±7% (25℃)
Operation Frequency: 100 (PPS)
Idle In-traction Frequency: ≥350 (PPS)
Idle Out-traction Frequency: ≥600 (PPS)
Pull-in Torque: ≥147 (mN.m)
Detent Torque: ≥78.4 (mN.m)
Insulated Resistance: ≥50MΩ (500V)
Dielectric Strength: 600V.AC/1mA/1s
Insulation Class: A
Rise in Temperature: ≤45K
Noise: ≤40dB

Product Includes:-
1x 35BYJ-46 Stepper Motor 12V