Vibration switch sensor module

Vibration switch sensor module

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This module features an adjustable potentiometer, a vibration sensor, and a LM393 comparator chip to give an adjustable digital output based on the amount of vibration. The potentiometer can be adjusted to both increase and decrease the sensitivity to the desired amount. The module outputs a logic level high (VCC) when it is triggered and a low (GND) when it isn’t. Additionally there is an onboard LED that turns on when the module is triggered.

1、On-board LM393 voltage Comparator chip and Vibration sensing probe

2、Support 5V/3.3V voltage input.

3、On-board the output signal indication,output effective signal is high level, and the same time the indicator light up, output signal can directly connect with microcontroller IO.

4、Signal detection sensitivity can be adjusted.

5、Reserved a line voltage compare circuit. (P3 is leaded out).
6、 PCB size: 30(mm) x15(mm).